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Branch Secretary: Dr Joris Vlieghe

Location: Liverpool Hope University

About the Branch:

The North West branch has its home at Liverpool Hope University, in Liverpool. It has been active since 2012, hosting large conferences (see below) as well as a programme of regular seminars. Further details on our events and research activity can be found on the Hope Education Studies blog.

Forthcoming events

Seminars take place from 2-4pm in the EDEN building. Follow the link for exact location and further information.

15 February: Writing(,) images and visual education, Stefano Oliverio (Naples University Federico II, Italy) Details and abstract
15 March: Tomasz Szkudlarek (Gdansk University, Poland)
17 May: Emile Bojesen (Winchester)

Public Lecture

'Doing school and the role of voices and abstractions in digital times'

Prof. Jan Masschelein, Laboratory for Education and Society, KU Leuven

Friday 26th May 2017, 1.15pm

Jan Masschelein's lecture forms part of the final seminar in the series 'Making School in the Age of the Screen', funded by PESGB. See below for details.

International Research Seminar Series: Making School in the Age of the Screen
Liverpool Hope University, 26-27 May 2017

In this seminar series we explore how present changes in cultural and societal conditions, and more exactly the ubiquity of digital media affect the way in which we look at education, as well as the way in which we give shape to educational practices. Our main concern is the question whether it is still possible to ‘make school’ when our relation to others and the worlds is increasingly mediated by screens. Guiding questions are:

  1. Is it still possible to realize the goals which schooling traditionally served (initiation and exposition to a world, attention formation, offering free space and time etc.)?
  2. If so, what kind of digital architecture is required? What kind of virtual spaces do we need to make school in the (digital) future, and how should these spaces be structured and given shape?
  3. What is involved in terms of media conditions: what does it mean to relate to and to be involved with a subject matter/study material when it appears on a screen?
  4. With respect to the gestural and bodily dimensions of schooling: what does it mean to be together with others, with a master, with things on-screen? What does it means to point out things, to draw attention, to touch upon something interesting, etc. under these altered conditions?

This three-part seminar series is built around three themes or issues: attention, presence and the public role of (school) education. During the first session (Friday 30th of September-Saturday 1st of October) we explored and discussed the first theme (attention). Our invited speaker was Norm Friesen (UBC) who gave a public lecture and conducted a master class. We also discussed two seminal texts (Goffman on the public lecture, and Manovich on the archaeology of the screen) and a film (Wang Bing, Father and Sons [2014]). This was complemented by the presentation of and discussion on individual papers.

The same format was used for the seminar in Ghent (20/01 - 21/01/2017) focused on presence and will also be followed for the final event in Liverpool on the public dimension of education. The results of this seminar series will be published in an edited volume with Routledge.

Participation in these seminars is free, but the number of places is strictly limited. If you are interested in attending this seminar, please contact Joris Vlieghe ( For more information, contact the organisers, Nancy Vansieleghem ( or Joris Vlieghe (


Previous conferences at the North West Branch:

  • June 2012: 'What' the Use of Philosophy of Education'
  • May 2014: 'Humanising Online Pedagogy'
  • June 2014: '1st International Conference on Philosophies of Education and Critical Pedagogy'
  • June 2015: '2nd International Conference on Philosophies of Education and Critical Pedagogy'