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Aims and Scope

Journal of Philosophy of Education publishes articles representing a wide variety of philosophical traditions. They vary from examination of fundamental philosophical issues in their connection with education, to detailed critical engagement with current educational practice or policy from a philosophical point of view.

The journal aims to promote rigorous thinking on educational matters and to identify and criticise the ideological forces shaping education. Ethical, political, aesthetic and epistemological dimensions of educational theory are amongst those covered.

"The Journal of Philosophy of Education is one of the few bright lights in the drab world of educational journals. It maintains a high level of critical and independent philosophical enquiry into professional practice and policy development.  Its increasing popularity and circulation reflect the deep concern of many educational values at a time when the centralisation of policy and practice forces us to think in business terms"
Richard Pring, University of Oxford, UK

"The Journal of Philosophy of Education is unquestionably one of the very best English-language journals in the field. It publishes papers on a wide range of philosophical topics, from a variety of philosophical perspectives, but always on topics of serious educational moment.  Its essays are invariably philosophically rich, rigorously argued, and well-informed by both the history of and current work in philosophy. They range in subject matter over virtually all the main areas of philosophy - ethics, social and political philosophy, epistemology, aesthetics, the history of philosophy - but always with an eye to the ramifications of 'pure' philosophy for teaching and educational policy and practice. If one wants to be exposed to the highest quality work in philosophy of education currently being done in English, one could do no better than to read this journal."
Harvey Siegel, University of Miami, USA

For more information, including tables of contents of recently published issues, go to the Journal of Philosophy of Education.


Philosophy and Education
Wilfred Carr

Situated Self-Esteem
Ruth Cigman

Critical Thinking, Autonomy and Practical Reason
Stefaan E. Cuypers

The discourse of the learning society and the loss of childhood
J. Masschelein

Critique and negativity: Towards the pluralisation of critique in educational practice, theory and research
D. Benner, A. English

Why should states fund denominational schools?
J. De Jong, G. Snik

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