Race and Ethnicity Committee

Race and Ethnicity Committee

Co-Chairs: Judith Suissa – [email protected] and Jack Bicker – [email protected]

Current Members: Zara Bain, Oli Belas, Jack Bicker, Darren Chetty, Michael Merry, Naziya O’Reilly, Paul Standish

Established in November 2015, the aims of the committee are:

  • To promote and support the study of philosophy of education addressed to questions of race and ethnicity.
  • To recruit new members from racial and ethnic groups currently under-represented in the Society.
  • To create a network for people with an interest in philosophy of education relating to race and ethnicity.

The Committee

  • Monitors and evaluates ongoing activities in the above areas and reports annually to the Executive Committee. 
  • Encourages, as necessary, members of the Society to help to facilitate projects initiated by the Race, Ethnicity and Philosophy of Education Committee.
  • Liaises with other sub-committees of the Society, and in particular with the Development Committee, over projects in support of the above aims.
  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for financial support of activities in the above areas.