Karen Lancaster

PhD student, University of Nottingham

Karen is a PhD Philosophy student at the University of Nottingham. Her thesis examines some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of care robots in residential homes for the elderly, including whether a robot can care, and how robots should conceive of consent. She is interested more broadly in social, political, and moral philosophy, and philosophical issues arising from our use of emerging technologies. Prior to PhD study, Karen taught A-Level Philosophy and Sociology for 13 years.

Website: https://karenlancaster.weebly.com/

Posts by this Author

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    14th February 2021

    ***   This is the first post in a PESGB Blog series focussed on educational assessment and the UK Government’s handling of England’s 2020 national exams (GCSEs and A Levels) in the wake of...
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  • Will We Always Need (Human) Teachers?

    18th January 2021

      The future of education is uncertain. Some commentators suggest technological advancement will do away with the need for teachers – or at least that, in the near future, teachers will not...
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