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Britt Harrison reviews Seeing Education on Film: a conceptual aesthetics by Alexis Gibbs. You can read an interview with Alexis here.

Lewis Stockwell reviews Forms of Education: Rethinking Educational Experience Against and Outside the Humanist Legacy by Emile Bojesen. You can read an interview with Emile here.

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David Lewin reviews Children, Religion, and the Ethics of Influence by John Tillson. You can also read an interview with John here.

Piotr Zamojski reviews On the Politics of Educational Theory: Rhetoric, theoretical ambiguity, and the constructions of society by Tomasz Szkudlarek. You can also read an interview with Tomasz here.


Lydia May Townsend reviews Assessment for Social Justice: Perspectives and Practices within Higher Education by Jan McArthur. You can also read an interview with Jan here.

Oliver Belas reviews Neil Hopkins’ Democratic Socialism and Education: New Perspectives on Policy and Practice. Neil discusses the book in this Author Interview.

Wilfred Carr reviews Ansgar Allen and Roy Goddard’s Education and Philosophy: an introduction. Allen and Goddard discuss the book in our latest Author Interview.

Christopher Winch reviews the Companion to Wittgenstein on Education, edited by Jeff Stickney and Michael Peters. 

Read Ewald Terart’s extended essay on Gert Biesta’s The Rediscovery of Teaching, plus an interview with Gert Biesta.


Claire Skea reviews Why Universities Should Seek Happiness and Contentment by Paul Gibbs. Read an interview with Paul here.

Piotr Zamojski reviews Educational Philosophy for a Post-secular Age by David Lewin. David also features in the latest Author Interview.


Anders Schinkel reviews Justice, education and the politics of childhood: Challenges and perspectives, edited by Johannes Drerup, Gunter Graf, Christoph Schickhardt, and Gottfried Schweiger. The co-editors also feature in the latest Author Interview.

Houman Harouni reviews Thomas S.Popkewitz’s edited volume The “Reason” of Schooling: Historicizing Curriculum Studies, Pedagogy, and Teacher Education.

Alin Olteanu’s Philosophy of Education in the Semiotics of Charles Peirce: A Cosmology of Learning and Loving (Peter Lang, 2015) is reviewed by John Tredinnick-Rowe. Alin also features in the latest Author Interview.


Abdullah Almutairi reviews Liz Jackson’s ‘Muslims and Islam in US Education: reconsidering multiculturalism’. You can also hear from the author herself in this month’s Author Interview

In an extended review, Alexis Gibbs assesses Who’s Afraid of Academic Freedom? by Akeel Bilgrami and Jonathan R. Cole, and Joanna Williams’ Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge. Joanna is also the subject of this month’s Author Interview.

Anders Schinkel reviews Mary Healy’s ‘Philosophical perspectives on social cohesion: New directions for educational policy’, and Kevin Froner reviews Samuel D. Rocha’s ‘Folk Phenomenology: Education, Study, and the Human Person’.  You can read more about ‘Folk Phenomenology’ in Samuel D. Rocha’s Author Interview.

This month, Penny Enslin and Kai Horsthemke offer an Extended Review of Yusef Waghid’s ‘African Philosophy of Education Reconsidered: On Being Human’. You can read more about the book in this month’s Author Interview with Yusef Waghid

This month, Roger Marples reviews ‘Education and the Common Good: Essays in Honor of Robin Barrow’ and Jean Conteh reviews Susan Cox’s ‘New Perspectives in Primary Education: Meaning and Purpose in Learning and Teaching’.

Tasos Kazepides, author of ‘Education as Dialogue: its prerequisites and its enemies’, provides this month’s Author Interview. You can read Marianna Papastephanou’s review of the book here.

Our first reviews of 2016 are Peter Robert’s ‘Paulo Freire in the 21st Century: Education, Dialogue, and Transformation‘, and ‘Educating Character Through Stories‘ by David Carr and Tom Harrison. Our Author Interview this month is with Sarah Stitzlein. Her book, ‘Teaching for dissent: Citizenship education and political activism’, was reviewed here in September.


To end 2015 we have Harriet Pattison’s review of Helen E. Lees ‘Education Without Schools: Discovering Alternatives’, and Mathias Decuypere’s review of Tara Fenwick and Paolo Landri’s edited volume ‘Materialities, textures, and pedagogies: Socio-material assemblages in education’. This month, we interview Helen E. Lees about her book. Happy holidays!

Norm Friesen’s translation of Klaus Mollenhauer’s ‘Forgotten Connections is reviewed by Joris Vlieghe, and Susan Boddie reviews Howard Cannatella’s ‘Why We Need Arts Education‘. Howard also discusses the book in this month’s Author Interview.

This month, Yukichi Fukuzawa’s ‘An Encouragement of Learning’ is reviewed by Kanako Ide and Simon Verwer reviews Gert Biesta’s ‘The Beautiful Risk of Education’. Gert Biesta also provides this month’s Author Interview.

Welcome back. We start the new term with reviews of Sarah Stitzlein’s ‘Teaching for dissent: Citizenship education and political activism’ and Geoffrey Hinchliffe’s ‘Liberty and Education: A civic republican approach’. Geoffrey also discusses his book in this month’s Author Interview.

This month, Richard Davies reviews ‘Citizenship and Democracy in Further and Adult Education’ by Neil Hopkins and Ansgar Allen reviews the edited collection ‘A Companion to Foucault’. Neil Hopkins also discusses his book in this month’s Author Interview

Tyson E. Lewis’s ‘On Study: Giorgio Agamben and Educational Potentiality is reviewed by Joris Vlieghe and Patricia Smith reviews Julinna C. Oxley’s ‘The Moral Dimensions of Empathy: Limits and Applications in Ethical Theory and Practice‘. This month’s Author Interview: Tyson E. Lewis

Roger Brown reviews Andrew McGettigan’s ‘The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets, and the Future of Higher Education and Elmer Thiessen reviews ‘Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent:  Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada’ edited by Graham P. McDonough, Nadeem A. Memon, and Avi I. Mintz. This month’s Author Interview: Richard Pring

Geoffrey Hinchliffe reviews ‘The Work of Lawrence Stenhouse: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Educational Research‘, edited by John Elliott and Nigel Norris; Marianna Papastephanou reviews Tazos Kazepides’ ‘Education as Dialogue: its prerequisites and its enemies‘ and Kip Kline reviews ‘Education 2.0:  The Learningweb Revolution and the Transformation of the School‘ by Leonard J. Waks.

This month, Stefan Ramaekers and Judith Suissa, authors of The Claims of Parenting, are the focus of the Author Interview. A review of the book by Doret De Ruyter was published in the Journal of Philosophy of Education 47 (4).

Ruth Heilbronn reviews Richard Pring’s ‘The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All’;

Jeremy Lent reviews Meira Levinson’s ‘No Citizen Left Behind’; and

Morgan White reviews ‘An Aims-based Curriculum: The significance of human flourishing for schools’ by Michael J. Reiss and John White. Michael J. Reiss and John White also provide this month’s Author Interview.

Becky Parry reviews John Potter’s ‘Digital Media and Learner Identity: The new curatorship‘;

Elias Schwieler reviews Peter Roberts’ ‘From West to East and Back Again: An educational reading of Hermann Hesse’s later work’;

And ‘John Dewey’s Philosophy of Education: An introduction and recontextualization for our times’by Jim Garrison, Stefan Neubert, and Kersten Reich is reviewed by Leonard J. Waks.

This month’s Author Interview: Claudia Ruitenberg and Denis Phillips.


Rob Price reviews Andrew Davis’s IMPACT publication

‘To Read or Not to Read: Decoding Synthetic Phonics’; Andree-Anne Cormier reviews ‘Education, Justice, and Democracy’, edited by Danielle S. Allen and Rob Reich.

December Author Interview: Jan Masschelein and Maarten Simons.