Election of Executive Committee

In March 2021, elections will be conducted for various positions on the PESGB Executive Committee. The following text from the constitution outlines the terms of office:

Under the terms of the constitution, the President is elected for life. The Chair is elected for three years, one year in advance of taking up office, and is normally ineligible for immediate re-election. During the year prior to taking up office, the person elected as Chair (Chair-elect) takes the role of Vice-Chair. The Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Programme Chair and Conference Organiser are elected for a period of three years and are eligible for immediate re­-election. Six members of the Society are elected as members of the Executive Committee for a term of three years. The retiring members are not eligible for re-election for two years. The retiring President or Chair shall be eligible for election at an Annual General Meeting to the honorary title of Vice-President. 

Vacant Positions

Members may have heard that our President, Paul Hirst, sadly passed away in October 2020. We now ask members to consider who might take up the honorary role of President of the Society.

In addition, there will be elections to the following positions on the Executive Committee in 2021:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Conference Organiser
  • One elected member

Secretary: The role of the Secretary is to work with the Chair, the Executive Committee and the administrative team to oversee the smooth running of the Society in line with its aims and constitution. The Secretary is eligible for immediate re-election.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the finances of the society are used in support of its aims. The Treasurer is eligible for immediate re-election.

Conference Organiser: The role of the Conference Organiser is to work with the Conference Chair, the Conference Committee and the administrative team to oversee the smooth running of the PESGB Annual Conference. The Conference Organiser is eligible for immediate re-election.

Elected member: Elected members represent interests of the wider membership and contribute to a range of discussions and decisions concerning the management of the Society’s business. Elected members of the Executive Committee are required to attend two meetings per year. These meetings normally take place in late March (on the first day of the Annual Conference) and in mid-November. Elected members are elected for a term of three years. Retiring members are not be eligible for re-election for two years.

All normal expenses incurred in fulfilling these roles are reimbursed.


Nominees should be proposed and seconded and should indicate their consent. Members who wish to nominate someone to these positions should email the Secretary, David Lewin (david.lewin@strath.ac.uk) and the admin team (pesgb@sasevents.co.uk), copying the nominee and the seconder. Nominations close at 5pm on 8 January 2021.

We ask that nominees please prepare a short statement (500 words maximum) outlining the basis on which they stand. Statements must be sent to the Secretary, David Lewin (david.lewin@strath.ac.uk) and the admin team (pesgb@sasevents.co.uk) by Monday 18 January 2021 so that they can be published on the website. Candidates are also welcome to submit a photo if they wish.

Timeline for nominations



As in 2020, the 2021 elections will take place virtually. Members will be sent instructions on how to vote to their registered email address. The voting will open on Monday 1 March 2021 and close at 5pm Friday 19 March 2021 (UK time).


Results will be announced at the 2021 Virtual AGM which will take place on 5pm Friday 26 March 2021 (UK time).

The Society depends greatly on its members to give up their time to serve on the Executive Committee and we warmly encourage all members to consider putting themselves forward.

David Lewin