Environmental Sustainability Policy


• To encourage members to consider the environmental impact of PESGB activities
• To promote the least carbon-impactful activities and modes of travel appropriate to activity
• To incorporate reduce-reuse-recycle into all aspects of the Society’s activities



The participation of a widening global academic community is essential to the work of the Society and we recognise the importance of face-to-face discussion. Despite the growth of online and virtual meeting, travel is an indispensable part of the work of the Society.

To mitigate the environmental impact of travel, participants in PESGB meetings and events are encouraged to consider their mode of travel and to choose public transport or car-share wherever possible. Members whose transport costs are funded by the Society and who choose air travel, where other options are available, will be asked to consider the environmental impact of these choices. It is recognised that certain journeys are not possible otherwise and that sometimes individual schedules may necessitate air travel. Members are trusted to make this judgement.


Venues for PESGB events should be accessible by public transport. Where this is impossible, participants will be encouraged to car-share. Organisers will work with the event venues to reduce waste (food, plastic bottles, bags, etc.), encourage sustainable sourcing of food, and to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics.

Scholarly work

The Society will encourage scholarly work on education and the environment, including journal special issues, symposia, and policy work. Environmental impact will be considered in decisions about the production and distribution of PESGB publications, including Journal of Philosophy of Education.


This policy will be periodically reviewed by the Executive Committee. The Society aims to improve the sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its activities progressively, without compromising its core activities of international scholarly collaboration and discussion.

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