Decolonising the Curriculum – Visiting Speaker Series 1

Please join us for the first talk in the series by Dr Foluke Adebisi , University of Bristol, UK.

‘Rhodes must fall’ or ‘Rhodes must read Fanon?’ Thoughts on decolonising curricula in UK HE .

Decolonisation is often perceived as a means to uncover erased or hidden histories and ensure that our curricula are more inclusive or to improve the experience of students racialised Black or Brown or other. But one of the pitfalls of its praxis in UK higher education is a fundamental misconception of what it requires, both in theory and in practice. Decolonisation is often confused with any social justice endeavour. Nevertheless, decolonising the university should ensure that we, as an academic community, build the type of university that we want and the world needs. A decolonial university may help bring about new worlds of possibility. To be a decolonial university we must critically assess the impact of our curriculum – explicit, hidden, null – and our research on our students. This presentation will reflect on what decolonisation means and how we can implement it in truth in UK HE.

This series on Decolonising the Curriculum is sponsored by The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain; University of Edinburgh’s Moray House School of Education and Sport, Race Equality Subgroup; and The Centre for Education on Racial Equality in Scotland.

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