London Branch Virtual Seminar

Beauty in the Darkness: Aesthetic Education in the Ecological Crisis
Ramsey Affifi (University of Edinburgh)

5.30PM-7.00PM (GMT)
Via Zoom
All are welcome.

The programme will be circulated with next week’s notice.  Please find the paper attached here.

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Engaging beauty can orient mind, heart and action in this era of ecological destruction by inviting participation in actions towards vulnerable things and the beauty they invoke. I reflect on experiences and engagements with art to help understand the possibilities and power in the beauty of vulnerable things and of actions towards them. I suggest it is better suited to engage the ecological crisis than appealing to emotions such as hope or relying on prevalent ethical approaches. I end the paper by considering the transformative role aesthetics could play in reimagining school curricula and pedagogy aimed at sustainability.

Ramsey Affifi is Lecturer in Science (Biology) Education and Environmental Philosophy at University of Edinburgh.

* Please note that this seminar series is run by academics on an entirely voluntary and unpaid basis, on top of existing teaching and other work commitments.  While we endeavour to make these events as inclusive and welcoming as possible, we cannot undertake any extra work regarding the presentation, dissemination or planning of the talks or make adjustments to the existing programme.