London Branch Virtual Seminar

Acknowledgment, Affirmation, and Avoidance
Vincent Colapietro (Pennsylvania State University)

5.30 pm – 7.00pm (GMT)

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“Knowledge is,” Wittgenstein suggests, “in the end based on acknowledgment.” Education can be conceived as encompassing the work of acknowledgment. I want to seize this occasion as an opportunity to explore this topic. In particular, I want to attend to how this work might go badly awry. While acknowledgment entails affirmation, many of our gestures and especially techniques of affirmation result in the opposite of what we intend – as our students frequently attest. The work of acknowledge takes various forms. We need to be especially attentive to what we are avoiding (what we are neither saying nor seeing).
Vincent Colapietro is Liberal Arts Research Professor Emeritus in Philosophy & African American Studies at Pennsylvania State University. One of his main areas of research is pragmatism, with emphasis on Peirce. His books include Peirce’s Approach to the Self (1989), A Glossary of Semiotics(1993), Fateful Shapes of Human Freedom(2003), and Acción, sociabilidad y drama: Un retrato pragmatista del animal humano(2020). He is also the author of numerous essays. He has written on a wide range of topics, from music (especially jazz) and cinema to psychoanalysis and deconstruction, from art and literature to ontology and phenomenology. 
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