London Branch Virtual Seminar

The Idea of Crisis Justice
Andrew Chitty (University of Sussex)

05.30PM – 07.00PM (GMT)
All are welcome. There is no paper this week.
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We share an intuitive idea that in situations of crisis those who are the best off should be the first to make sacrifices. I dub this idea that of ‘crisis justice’. In the paper I elaborate a fuller analysis of the idea of crisis justice, investigate some ways in which it might be justified philosophically, and look at how it is instantiated first in the idea of ‘climate justice’ and second in ideas of justice that inform our thinking about the allocation of scarce resources (for example vaccinations, or the incomes of universities) in the conditions of the present pandemic. 
Andrew Chitty is senior lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. He has worked for a number of years on the political thought of Hegel and Marx, focusing especially on the idea of self-consciousness in Hegel and that of species-being in Marx. He also has interests in the normative implications of collective intentionality. He is currently developing a new undergraduate course on the philosophy of race and racialisation. 
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