London Branch Virtual Seminar

“Those who speak truthfully must have a rapid camel” – School as a Place of Exchange and Wilful Deception
Roland Reichenbach (University of Zurich)

 05.30-07.00PM (GMT) 
All are welcome. The paper is attached here.
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The school and teaching are a place where tactics and strategy meet–and not only authentic bonding prevails. The silent introduction into the ethos of exchange and deception belongs to the secret teaching plan of modern schools. Those who disparage this as simply an evil fail to realize the civilizing dimension of the school and hence the meaning of exchange and deception for civilized society as well.
Roland Reichenbach has been a Professor of General Educational Studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, since 2013. Former professorships: 2002-2008 University of Munster, Germany; 2008-2012 University of Basel, Switzerland. His research focus and main interests are concerned with pedagogical ethics, the philosophy of education, and political education, as well as processes of negotiation and agreement. 

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