Strathclyde-Glasgow Branch Virtual Seminar

Education for a Socially Just Citizenry
Gary Walsh

16:00 – 17:30 
Please email Philip Tonner ( for passcode.

This seminar will explore the role of education in the realisation of social justice and what I term as a socially just citizenry – a systemic and dispositional orientation towards social justice and equality. I will introduce my ongoing PhD research in the philosophy and theory of education, with the aim of prompting reflection and discussion that will be relevant for education researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. The rationale for the research is to develop a philosophy of education that is rooted in social justice and what I identify as the associated and necessary practices of citizenship, such as antiracism, critical activism, and powerful participation. I start from Nancy Fraser’s model as a point of departure, in which social justice permits all to participate as peers in social life in a radical expression of democratic equality, before bringing this into discussion with the work of others philosophers such as Antonio Gramsci and Frantz Fanon. The result is a conceptual approach that seeks to inform a range of contemporary educational issues – in Scotland and further afield – some examples of which I will discuss in the seminar.
Gary Walsh is a final year PhD Researcher in the School of Education at University of Glasgow. His professional background is in education, research, and the voluntary sector. Recent publications include The arrival of the ACEs movement in Scotland: policy entrepreneurship and critical activist responses (published in the Scottish Affairs journal, 2020) and Challenging the Hero Narrative: Moving towards Reparational Citizenship Education (published in the Societies journal, 2020).