Small Grants

PESGB Small Grants

All applicants must complete fully the ‘application for small grants’ form available here.

Grants are made, up to a maximum of £750.00, to members of the Society of more than one year’s standing, and it is incumbent on members to check that their subscription fees are up-to-date. Members may make application up to six months prior to a chosen event or activity and these are dealt with in a timely manner by a member of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Society. Members are invited to apply for funds once annually.

Grants are made for a number of purposes to promote the aims of the Society, but usually to enable academic work that is not supported, or not fully supported, by other sources of funding. It is also a condition of the Grant that the recipient formally recognise the support of the Society in an appropriate way.

Applications are usually made for the following types of activities:

  1. Applications to fund, or part fund, attendance at a conference in order to deliver a paper in the field of philosophy of education. Grants are awarded where employing institutions are unwilling to cover the cost of the conference.
  2. Applications to support for research leading to research outputs. The Society would not normally fund employment costs, but other costs of travel, access, administrative support, etc.
  3. Applications to support collaborations between philosophers of education, nationally and internationally. Such collaborations should be supported by a clear rationale and distinct focus and expected outcomes.
  4. Applications to support collaborations between philosophers of education and other educationalists, philosophers, or policy makers.

In addition, the Society does welcome applications relating to activities in line with its constitutional aims to support the development of Philosophy of Education. Advice on the suitability of particular activities can be sought from the Finance and General Purposes Committee member with responsibility for Small Grants, Carrie Winstanley ([email protected]).

We seek to respond promptly to requests for grants and usually within two weeks.

Please note that the Small Grants Scheme cannot fund attendance at the society’s annual conference at New College, Oxford, or other events that are already subsidised by the society. Additionally, we are unable to support data collection or other empirical projects with the Small Grants Scheme.  Applicants seeking support for doctoral fees will be directed to apply for a Doctoral Studentship via the Large Grants scheme. Funds are not offered for purchases of IT equipment or software.