Small Grants

PESGB Small Grants

PESGB Small Grants are intended to support individuals in the pursuit of research and other activities that further the development of philosophy of education. Small Grants are offered to a maximum of £750.

Applications are accepted from any member of the Society who has been a member for at least a year. It is incumbent on members to check that their subscription fees are up-to-date before applying. Please check with [email protected] if you are unsure.

Members are eligible to apply for funds annually. The amount of funding available each year is determined by PESGB’s Finance & General Purposes Committee and will be limited by demand.

Applicants will be expected to seek funding for the activity in question from their employing institution (where relevant) in the first instance. If the funds are sought for organising an event, organising a Branch Seminar (or approaching a Branch Secretary with your proposed event) may be a more suitable option.

Applications for Small Grants can be made up six months prior to a proposed event or activity and will be dealt with in a timely manner by a member of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, a sub-committee of the Executive Committee of the Society.

Applicants seeking support for doctoral fees will be directed to apply for a Doctoral Studentship via the Large Grants scheme. Funds are not offered for purchases of IT equipment or software.

Information on making a Small Grant application is available here.

Download the Application Form here.

Applications should be sent electronically to: Carrie Winstanley (PESGB Grants) – [email protected]. We seek to respond promptly to requests for grants and usually within two weeks.