The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain was founded in 1964, at a meeting at ‘Uplands House’ in High Wycombe, UK. The following year, the first annual conference was held at Beatrice Webb House in Surrey, followed in 1966 by the publication of the first Proceedings of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. This would later become the Journal of Philosophy of Education.

Uplands House, High Wycombe

 A timeline of society activities can be found here.

View a commemorative collection of photographs from previous Society conferences and summer schools.

The Cambridge Branch formed early in the Society’s history, and this year marks its 45th anniversary. A history of the Cambridge branch can be found here.

As the Society’s membership grew, so too did its network of branches across the UK. There are 22 branches today, across the UK and in continental Europe, as well as a virtual branch.