Review Panel for Annual Conference 2020 Submissions - New Members

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To fill these vacancies applications are welcome from suitably experienced members of PESGB.

Criteria:  Panel members must have attended at least four Annual Conferences of PESGB and must have  had two successful submissions, at least one of which was a full paper presentation. PESGB members who meet these criteria are invited to submit a short CV indicating their relevant experience and their philosophical educational interests on an email titled REVIEW PANEL 2020   to the Conference Programme Chair, Amanda Fulford, by Friday 18 October 2019.  Email:

New members will be chosen by the Conference Programme Chair, in consultation with the Conference Committee. A summary is provided below of the workload and deadlines involved in the review process.

Summary of Tasks and Dates in the Review Process:

  • Deadline for receipt of submissions: Monday 2nd December 2019.
  • Anonymised papers sent out for review by Monday 9th December 2019.
  • Reviewers should check for anonymity immediately and let PESGB know of any conflict of interest by Monday 16th December 2019.  A paper can be transferred to another reviewer if we have enough notice. 
  • The on-line system for the conduct of the review process enables scores and comments to be entered directly by the reviewers.  Comments should be clear but not lengthy, so that when the final decisions about inclusion are made they can be sent out directly to the authors.
  • Each submission will be reviewed by three panel members. Each team of three may expect to receive about ten submissions for review. 
  • Reviewers’ comments on each submission will be made under three headings: (a) the philosophical mertis of the subnission; (b) the educational relevance of the submission; (c) the quality of the writing in the submission.
  • Each submission will be given a mark of 1 (definitely reject), 2 (further discussion needed), or 3 (definitely accept), for internal use by the teams of three when coming to a decision.
  • The initial marks and comments should be discussed among the teams and must be finalised by Monday 13th January 2020.  One of the three (or, exceptionally two) will then come to the Review Committee meeting in London on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.  
  • Decisions will be sent to applicants by Monday 3rd February 2020. This gives members of the reviewng teams an opportunity to make any final amendments to their comments by the end of January.
  • The PESGB documentation starts that: ‘Decisions are final and the Society will not enter into any further correspondence about the feedback.’

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