Videos for Students and Teachers

PESGB has created a series of short videos presenting key themes in philosophy of education. The videos are designed to be accessible, informative and to encourage the use of philosophical perspectives in educational research, policy, and practice.

Examining examining | John White 


What could go on the curriculum? | Michael Hand


What do we mean by equality of opportunity in education? | Carrie Winstanley


Why do educational policy and practice need philosophy? | Richard Pring


What can teachers learn from philosophers? | Richard Pring


What is Education? | Paul Standish


Do parents have educational rights? | Judith Suissa


What is Anarchist Education? | Judith Suissa


Is education political? | Judith Suissa


Is it ever acceptable to be elitist? | Carrie Winstanley


Are children with outstanding abilities as deserving of addition educational provision as children with learning problems? | Carrie Winstanley


What can education policy makers learn from philosophy? | Richard Pring


Should the curriculum be academic? | Michael Hand


What is Philosophy of Education? | Paul Standish


What is Philosophy? | Paul Standish


What are the alternatives to the academic curriculum? | Michael Hand