Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has a number of sub-committees:

  • The Finance and General Purposes committee oversees the finances of the society and deals with tasks delegated by the Executive committee.
  • The Development committee promotes the development of philosophy of education abroad and amongst new scholars in the UK. In recent years, it has had a specific focus on developing philosophy of education in Africa, amongst school teachers in the UK and amongst early-career, mid-career and ‘new’ researchers in philosophy of education in general.  For details of how to apply for funds for new developments see here.
  • The Large Grants Committee oversees the award and management of the grants that the society is able to award from time to time.
  • The Race and Ethnicity Committee promotes inclusion in the society.

Website and Social Media Steering Group

Chair: Mary Richardson 
Committee: Naomi Hodgson, Ruth Heilbronn, Ruth Wareham

This group manages development of the PESGB website and its linked social media strands. We welcome new members who might be able to give time to help us develop this side of our work to promote the work of the Society globally within online contexts.

Dr Mary Richardson
Programme Leader: MA Educational Assessment
Room 740
UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL
Direct line: 0207 612 6343

Race and Ethnicity Committee

Co-Chairs: Judith Suissa – and Jack Bicker –

Current Members:
Zara Bain
Oli Belas
Jack Bicker
Darren Chetty
Michael Merry
Naziya O’Reilly
Paul Standish

The committee was established in Nov. 2015.

The aims of the committee are:

  • To promote and support the study of philosophy of education addressed to questions of race and ethnicity.
  • To recruit new members from racial and ethnic groups currently under-represented in the Society.
  • To create a network for people with an interest in philosophy of education relating to race and ethnicity.

The Committee will

  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing activities in the above areas and report back annually to the Executive Committee. Where appropriate, an interim report will be provided for the November Executive.
  • Encourage, as necessary, suitable members of the Society to help to facilitate projects initiated by the Race, Ethnicity and Philosophy of Education Committee.
  • Liaise with other sub-committees of the Society, and in particular with the Development Committee, over projects in support of the above aims.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee for financial support of activities in the above areas.